Bamboo Interior Door

Our bamboo interior door is solid multi-plys (5 layers generally) bamboo plywood.
Bamboo Kitchen Door

Our bamboo kitchen door is solid and flat door.
Bamboo Stair Step

We have three standard size steps, we also supply special size of steps by orders.
Bamboo Mouldings

All the mouldings of us are finished.
Bamboo material

Bamboo floor has two basic colors which are natural color and carbonized, it could have other colors by staining like wood. The density of natural one is about 0.62-0.70 and carbonized one is about 0.70-0.78, the hardness of bamboo floor (vertical or horizontal) is about 1500PSI average, red oak, 1290PSI, hard maple, 1450PSI. The density of strand woven bamboo material is about 1.1, heavier than water, the hardness is about 2900PSI, it's a very good material which can be compared with any hardwood!
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The glue information
Bamboo floor and bamboo plywood are laminated products, like plywood, OSB, wafer-board, PSL (parallel strand lumber), LVL (laminateed veneer lumber) etc., they are all made with glue                                                                                                                                         ,  the glue used in our bamboo floor is UF (urea-formaldehyde) which is used by all the bamboo floor manufacturers, we added certain Melamine into UF to reduce the emission of formaldehyde, and consequently the emission  from our floor is less than                              0.1ppm.  The glue used in our bamboo plywood is EPI (Emulsion Polymer Isocyanate adhesive),        is a low VOCs and  formaldehyde free glue. The glue used in strand woven bamboo floor is PF (phenol-formaldehyde), which has less emission than UF and it is also a strong water-proof glue.
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